Earth Notes: Saving The Planet @Home

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Be a climate hero, starting with your home!

Want to do your bit at home to improve your quality of life, save money, cut down on waste and carbon pollution, and get the planet back how it used to be?

Did you know that the majority of your neighbours are undertaking energy saving actions every day? That is also one of the most powerful messages to encourage people to save.

This site is mainly about the practical steps that I have taken to make my own life (and that of my family) a little better and lower-carbon. Many of them are actions that you could take too...

On Earth Notes

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Yearly Electricity and Gas (ie heat and light) Carbon Footprint

Things That We've Done

We've crunched our carbon footprint. We've become a SuperHome. We've pondered other changes that we might make. But most of all there's been quite a lot of fun learning. Maybe it's my engineering mindset, but I've made a hobby out of conservation and meter watching. I've had fun out of 'tuning' life a little. The rest of my family humours me!

See a full list of articles in the site guide, but here's some actions to start with that we took...

Things That You Can Do

Effective changes that can be made at home are based on lowering energy/resource demand...


  • 2021-04-09: Leading housing associations join forces to tackle low-carbon agenda: The social housing sector is facing costs of between £13,000 to £25,000 to bring an energy-inefficient home up to an EPC rating of C, not including the investment required to develop new skills and technologies.
  • 2021-04-07: Britain's electricity system 'greenest ever' over Easter: Great Britain's electricity system was the greenest it had ever been at lunchtime on Easter Bank Holiday Monday, its operator has said. Sunny and windy weather, coupled with low demand for power, led to a surge in renewable sources of energy, National Grid Electricity System Operator said. It meant zero-carbon power sources made up almost 80% of Britain's power.
  • 2021-03-18: Analysis: UK is now halfway to meeting its ‘net-zero emissions’ target: The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 were 51% below 1990 levels, according to new Carbon Brief analysis. This means the UK is now halfway to meeting its target of “net-zero” emissions by 2050. Most of the fall has been from 3 areas, ~40% from coal-free electricity, ~40% from cleaner industry, ~10% from smaller/cleaner fossil fuel supply.
  • 2021-03-01: EU's new energy labels aim to cut consumer confusion: They will now use a simpler A to G scale, with the former four extra A+ categories disappearing altogether.
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