Earth Notes: Content Calendar and Selected Articles

Updated 2020-06-14 20:17 GMT.
Editorial article content calendar. From time to time other selected time-linked pieces also.
Hand-picked relevant articles to feature for each calendar month, on the home page.

From setting yourself up for a green Christmas or eco summer holiday, to when to plant and then harvest pumpkins!

Some of the appropriate months are obvious, some less so. When do people think about booking holidays for example, or choose what to do in their garden that year?

By-month Editorial Calendar

Style Points

For editorial, ie articles, every page has exactly one 'H1', at the start. There is then also a description and finally (possibly not immediately) a short key paragraph, forming a "content pyramid". Those three components get copied into titles and sub-heads and trailers, and often into the excerpts shown by search engines — they travel.

In H1 and H2 headings, all significant words are capitalised. For H3 and below, they are capitalised like sentences. For example, the 'Qs' in a Q&A is often an H3. H4 and below are rare.

When putting hashtags in decription text, use only one or two to maximise engagement, if possible. (All hashtags must be at the end.)