Earth Notes: Eddi Solar PV Diverter Top-up Dataset

Auto-updated 2024-04-21.
Various stats for PV diversion and low-carbon-grid top-up of Sunamp Thermino. #heatBattery #microgen #dataset
Collected logs from the myenergi eddi heat-battery diversion subsystem, including grid frequency response.

Various stats are gathered from the eddi (via the Internet-based API), including:


Heat-battery target and eddi state:

recent heat-battery top-up target and related data


Current Month Eddi/Thermino kWh

2024-04: days=20.4, heat battery mean kWh/d=4.3 (divert/d=2.6, boost/d=1.7).

Recent Month Eddi/Thermino kWh

2024-03: days=31.0, heat battery mean kWh/d=5.1 (divert/d=0.7, boost/d=4.4).

Recent month's daily inputs to the heat battery by divert from PV, and boost from grid:

recent heat-battery daily input kWh by divert and boost

2022-04-18: Reading Bias

While PV is producing, and at other times when the Enphase ACB is carrying load and balancing grid flow to close to zero, the eddi reports up to ~90W import. Standing watching the LED indicators on the import and export supply meters at ~9am today, they indicated slight export (or nothing) while the eddi display was showing intermittent imports of up to ~200W. So far I trust trust the accuracy of the eddi least out of it, the Enphase and the supply meters. Which is not to say that the eddi is horrible!

2022-08-25: Difference of Import (and Export)

The eddi does not claim super-accuracy, and this is not a criticism of it! (Claimed measurement accuracy is ±1.5%.)

There was a small natural experiment while were were away for a fortnight. The calibrated utility and generation meters were read just before we left (morning of the 9th) and just after we returned (afternoon of the 24th).

(The eddi reported diversion to the Thermino of ~1kWh/d over this time.) Imports according to the supply meter for the entire period were ~0.1kWh. But the eddi claims imports of 6.9kWh from 10th to 24th inclusive (~0.5kWh/d).

The Enphase agrees with the supply meter at ~0.1kWh total for the core 14 days (112Wh):

% awk < net_energy_august_2022.csv -F, '/^2022-08-(10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20|21|22|23)/ {sum+=$5} END{print sum}'

Also, having just upped the Export Margin to 400W, the eddi seems to be regulating so as to allow >460W to be spilled .

Occasional observations during diversion (eg morning of 2022-09-03) reinforce the eddi claiming ~400W against the Enphase reporting ~450W+.

So there are some significant discrepancies to resolve...


16WW myenergi eddi stats
16WW heat battery energy diversion from solar PV and top-up from grid and other myenergi eddi stats.
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