Earth Notes: On 16WW Relative Humidity (2010--2013)

Sporadic manually-gathered relative-humidity (RH%) sample data for 16WW.

A sparse and ad hoc set of manual temperature and relative humdity measurements from before OpenTRV's RH% measuring TRV1s were in place to gather data automatically every few minutes from most rooms.

Note that exterior temperatures and RH% may be directly measured, or may be approximated from (often conflicting!) local weather reports.

This page is marked up with JSON-LD microdata to describe the data set.

Data Points

Here are the actual measurements

KitchenLiving RoomFront BedroomBathroomOutsideNotes
2010/09/12 16:15 UTC224323402341
2010/09/13 16:45 UTC22672263216521662378Dull and chilly and spotty rain outside.
2010/09/15 18:00 UTC2183Warm bath in progress.
2010/12/24 14:45 UTC1573In small bedroom after running dehumidifier ~2h: 15°C, ~50%RH.
2011/12/21 12:50 UTC16.875.6Immediately after completion of installation of MHRV in bathroom, after the windows have been open all morning on an overcast and damp day.
2011/12/21 17:43 UTC15.985.2With six people in the house (including two small children running around) and some cooking, the fan cut in, so I adjusted it a little so as not to come on until ~85%RH.
2011/12/21 18:41 UTC18.092.9Bath run, children in it, fan on boost, and RH staying below 100%, so no condensation on mirrors, though some on the window. After a few minutes the RH was dropping a little (to ~90%) and the temp rising (to ~18.4°C).
2011/12/22 09:30 UTC19.981.7Fan has been running for a few minutes after being completely off all night; no windows open.
2011/12/22 12:41 UTC17.479.2External air temp ~15°C, fan running on low, central heating off.
2011/12/22 13:44 UTC17.377.3Fan running on low, central heating off.
2011/12/22 18:51 UTC17.783.8Fan running on low, supper finished (ie cooking), external RH ~85%.
2011/12/23 07:30 UTC16.786.311Fan running on low all night, ~11°C outside, some (but not much) condensation on bedroom windows.
2011/12/23 15:00 UTC20.1>95After an hour's hot bath with the fan managing to keep the room from customary steaminess.
2011/12/24 09:50 UTC15.376.04Fan running on low all night, ~4°C outside, some condensation on bedroom windows.
2011/12/27 13:30 UTC13.573.1House unoccupied since about noon on 24th, fan turned completely off at mains, external temperature ~10°C.
2011/12/27 19:27 UTC17.465.3Have had central heating on at ~16°C.
(cont)KitchenLiving RoomFront BedroomBathroomOutsideNotes
2012/01/06 12:00 UTC16.280.4776Fan on low, incoming air 14.7°C; ~7°C and 76%RH outside. In small rear bedroom (boy's) at 12:40, 17.2°C and 71.4%RH.
2012/01/06 15:30 UTC15.879.0880Fan on low, incoming air 14.9°C; ~8°C and 80%RH outside.
2012/01/13 11:30 UTC14.664.315.665.415.667.8690+Windows had been open while MHRV was being worked on; outside ~6°C and 90+%RH. Kitchen measurements an hour later with laundry drying on clothes horses but portable dehumidifier operating for an hour. Kitchen warmed up, because rad had been on when people in there, but RH fairly constant over next few hours and dehumidifier extracted a a decent glassful of water. By 4pm bathroom was up to ~77%RH but with temperature little changed.
2012/01/13 20:15 UTC19.656.5Kitchen warm, humidity low even after some cooking, etc; laundry reasonably dry. Dehumidifier running about 9h at 180W (as previously measured) or ~1.7kWh, and removed ~1.5l of water from the air.
2012/01/16 18:30 UTC19. running again since early this morning, crisp and close to freezing outside all day, and dehumidifier was running in kitchen much of the day to contain moisture from laundry drying. Rear small bedroom at 16.3°C/70.3%RH.
2012/01/31 22:30 UTC19.158080Had put heating up to ~19°C in all upstairs rooms for afternoon with room doors open to encourage air circulation.
2012/02/01 07:15 UTC16.35814.363080Had front bedroom window open a crack (and breezy all night outside) to encourage air intake there and flow to bathroom; much less condensation there and on other bathroom windows than normally expected with this external temperature.
2012/02/10 15:30 UTC17.055.618.550.516.960.515.964.4152Has been cold outside (around or below freezing mainly) and low RH for about a week now. (Readings taken over span from 15:30 (sunny) to 17:50 (after sunset) in order LR, K, FB, B with exterior temperature dropping to -1°C.)
2012/03/30 13:30 UTC19.847.21655Has been warm and sunny for several days and we've had windows open during the day (and the MHRV off except at night).
2012/07/09 09:30 UTC22.764.522.561.522.363.722.165.81780Some laundry drying in kitchen as damp and dark outside (has been a very wet three months) though internal %RH has been more typically 40--50.
2012/09/10 16:25 UTC28.337.52545Sunny and warm, patio door open!
2012/10/12 18:25 UTC2062206320661073Testing two new temp/RH displays; I don't trust any to better than +/- 1°C/1%RH but otherwise good!
2012/10/14 11:07 UTC166516671066Now bright and sunny outside; had been near freezing overnight. After a long hot bath the bathroom temperature was up a couple of degrees, with the MHRV keeping humidity under some sort of control, ie walls not dripping, mirrors misting and unmisting; outside the condensate could be seen dripping as designed.
2012/10/28 16:21 UTC14661470988House has been empty for a day, with outside temperatures between about 2°C and 10°C and heating had probably stayed off (was set at ~11°C as frost protection). MHRV has been on. Boy's bedroom 67%RH @ 14°C.
2012/11/26 15:22 UTC17721872888New Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Tempra just fitted in kitchen earlier today; laundry drying nearby (RH reading went up to 74% when laundry right next to meter). Dark and damp outside. Girl's bedroom 16°C and 75%RH; house was aired during fan-fitting work.
2013/04/05 17:12 UTC1840193918401840944Windows open for the first time in a while, given the sunshine. MHRV seems to have been consistently keeping RH in range ~50--70%.