Earth Notes: On Office Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Updated 2020-08-19 17:37 GMT.
Sweating or shivering 9 to 5 at work? Small business and home office: get comfy, save money, cut carbon! #office #thermostatWars
Use appliances as efficiently as possible, switch lighting to LED, and put up blinds and set windows right to help beat the heat in summer!

Keep a lid on sweats and chills outside the boardroom...

There are simple things that you can do to save money and keep your cool. Especially in summer, use equipment efficiently and turn off gadgets that you don't need. It will save the pennies and keep you comfortable. Oh, and save carbon emissions!

Many of us will have seen passive-aggressive thermostat battles in the office. Someone wants to wear a level of clothing more appropriate for the beach, demands the heat be turned up, and forces the rest to swelter. Or comes in dressed for the Arctic, forcing the rest to shiver while the aircon is cranked to max. Everyone will be much more comfortable with seasonally-appropriate clothing and a light hand on the controls. The sort of battle that management should resolve. Save money and tempers all round!


office open door drafty window

Stop your fingers freezing to the desk...

  • Fix draughts around doors and windows. Cold draughts can lead to significant discomfort.
  • Make sure that you are not heating a room with open windows and doors. You may be wasting half your building's energy and exposing yourself to air pollution from outside.
  • There is no shame in thermal underwear. It can be sexy too! Keeping the body warm can be more effective and pleasant, and lower carbon, than trying to heat the whole place you're in.

You know what makes building managers cry? Electric space heaters plugged in under desks. For a start, they might overload circuits only meant for computers. Think of low-power 'UPS' circuits meant to stay running though a power cut. Yes, I've seen it happen. But they are also a fire-hazard and inefficient. Try and find another solution. Maybe as simple as a raised footrest if the floor is cold!



Some ideas to beat the office heat...

  • Replace any lighting you have control over with the latest efficient LED lighting, with the right colour. High efficiency will minimise unwanted waste heat. (Preferably better than 100lm/W ie 100 lumens per watt.)
  • Whenever replacing equipment such as photocopiers, PCs, monitors, laptops, etc, go for the most efficient that you can afford. Also make sure that the new gear has good low-power automatic standby modes. Then you don't have to remember to manually things off when no one is using them.
  • Try to fit reflective blinds or shades to keep excess sunshine and heat out. Especially on south- and west- facing windows. Once sunlight is absorbed by a dark surface it will turn to heat and add to your discomfort.
  • Make sure that you are not air-conditioning a room with open windows and doors. You may be wasting half your building's energy. And exposing yourself to air pollution from outside.
  • Even without aircon, keeping blinds and windows closed during the heat of the day may help keep heat out and indoors cool.
  • A small fan (and lighter clothing) may maximise comfort without boiling any penguins...
  • Oh, and if your office heating is wonky in winter, campaign to fix it now while heating engineers are charging normal rates. Then you don't have to be bounced into an expensive instant fix!