Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2018-06)

Updated 2019-06-23 14:37 GMT.
Tech updates: creating a skim-friendly content pyramid, after the GDPR-calypse.
Trying to make a consistent 'content pyramid' for the readers' benefit is a continuing effort, and later allows summaries to appear featured on the front page, marked 'speakable', etc. (I'm adding this page's intro along with other such retrospective improvements at the start of 2019, for example.)

2018-06-18: After the GDPR-calypse

Ad revenue was essentially zero, ie <1p/d, from my GDPR-friendly changes until 13th June, when there were some signs of life again... Indeed I had quite a decent day (in recent terms) yesterday.

2018-07-15: revenue is back to "dead", to a reasonable approximation!

2018-06-09: Content Pyramid

There's a notion in grown-up writing of a "content pyramid". A very brief summary in the headline, more detail in the sub-head, and more detail still in the first para(s). Then the whole thing from the start again in depth. Sort of an automatic executive summary that fills out more detail as the piece continues.

That helps people wanting to quickly skim a piece to see if it has value for them.

For EOU the headline gets some more exposition in the description. Now I have added an optional "intro" paragraph CSS class. That paragraph may be quoted under the headline and description if the article is featured on the front page, for example. This may also in future be styled differently at some point, eg on the desktop.

I've marked up such an intro/summary paragraph in every featured article for the next couple of months, to be going on with.