Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2019-09)

Updated 2019-09-16 20:54 GMT.
Tech updates: lack of instant podcast fame, .wav from awk, 5 per day...

2019-09-16: Five a Day

Talking with my dad this evening, he reminded me that it took about a day for him to make five minutes' worth of finished TV way back when. Thus a week to make a half-hour nationally-networked prime-time programme.

My "rad sounds" episode took about a day (~8 hours all told) and produced about three minutes, so the same ball-park. I was doing only audio, working to purely my own agenda, etc, which all helped, I think!

2019-09-15: Podcast City, Population 4

Well, that was interesting.

In the latest podcast episode I got to play with Audacity a little more, learning how to insert sound clips into the speech.

Those clips were in part made by abusing awk to generate binary WAVE (.wav) files, as well as resampling input data to get the correct steady sample rate.

Yes, outputing binary using printf("%c", int(value)). Even though just because you can doesn't mean you should, I did!

2019-09-08: Podcast City, Population 3

Shockingly enough, having pushed out the third ~3-minute episode, and worked my way into the Apple and Google catalogues (and some smaller ones), I am not some kind of instant famous influencer!

I can see little evidence of the .mp3 files being downloaded by actual humans. (Though Google caches the audio files for its users, so not listen would be visible to me in logs anyway.)

(I can see the .rss file being pulled reasonably regularly, though apparently more so by the smaller players!)

It does seem like the original reason that I created the first two episodes, to support Walk with Jane on the Cambridge Estate, went ahead yesterday evening, using Solar Panels in My Garden.


I have an idea or two for another topical episode, so I may commit to both at least one of these "Website Technicals" and a podcast episode each month. I'm guessing that the podcast episodes will have to be a lot less technical, but we'll see.

Ideas floating around in my head right now:

  • Having another go at reducing gas use at home, using solar PV. Yes, I've been around and around this one before!
  • Out and about installing Radbots for our ECO3 project.
  • I bought a Fairphone 1 in Nov 2013 (with a panic battery replacement mid 2016), and hope to upgrade to version 3 in October: is 6 years a good life for a smartphone?
  • Music (and visuals) from heating traces.