Earth Notes: Herne Bay Ambient (2021-07)

Updated 2024-04-04.
Ambient soundscape from a week in Herne Bay (Kent, UK) late in July: sea, amusements, people... #HerneBay #soundscape #fieldRecording

This episode has no spoken commentary from me, it's just the ambience again.

Herne Bay sounds in the order recorded, from for a week. A relatively long piece.

This one-week "UKation" aka "UK staycation" was in lieu of a likely beach fortnight in the south of France, since the coronavirus complications are still with us.

1410s "202107 Herne Bay ambient sea amusements people" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:
[Ambient sounds from Herne Bay, Kent, UK, by the sea at the mouth of the Thames.]

Bonus Tracks

The final recording (8pm) of the last evening there (2021-07-30):

113s "20210730T1900Z Herne Bay sea soundscape" Uploaded . Downloads:

A short recording from the Victoria Line (London Tube) on the way home:

118s "20210731 London Tube Victoria Line arriving at and leaving Pimlico" Uploaded . Downloads:

Show Notes

All field recordings at 16-bit 48ksps lossless WAV (converted to FLAC) on a Zoom H1n, handheld. Each track was trimmed where necessary, has a ~2s fade-in and fade-out applied, then was loudness normalised to LUFS -23dB in Audacity. Not all clips were used.

There were lots of gulls and sparrows about, and also starlings and what I took to be terns.

Here is the full sound pack at