Earth Notes: Hybrid Solar PV Generation Stats in South East England

Updated 2022-09-19.
Dual PV arrays: 3kWp vanilla grid-tie plus diverter to immersion, and 5kWp hooked up to 10kWh of DC-coupled storage. #PV #storage #dataset
Stats from an interesting domestic grid-tied and DC-coupled hybrid system near Aylesbury in the south east of England.

This installation is at a private home near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in the south east of England.

south-east England near Aylesbury 51.8N 0.8W
Storage battery
1st lot of solar
  • 3kWp
  • grid feed in tariff gets paid on this
  • lifetime production 18.75MWh
  • power goes via "IMMERSUN" unit to water immersion heater, then to battery, then to grid
  • see system1 CSV file, daily energy generation (Wh)
2nd lot of solar
  • 5kWp
  • lifetime production 11.82MWh
  • power goes straight to battery (DC-coupled), then on to grid
  • see system2 CSV file, 15 minute values for: Discharge (Wh), Charge (Wh), Production (Wh), Consumption (Wh), Feed-in (Wh), From grid (Wh)
  • Both solar installs feed into the battery
  • Home heated by wet underfloor heating
  • Triple glazing throughout
  • Bungalow, 4 bed, quite big
  • 2/3 people living there for most of the dataset
  • No special consideration for when appliances are used

Note that the storage receives power from the 5kWp array as DC, but the storage is also AC coupled to the grid.

The swimming pool went back on around 2021-08-12.

Many thanks to the system owners for making this dataset public and open!

It is possible that this may get extended as more data is collected.


PV generation and storage stats for domestic hybrid installation near Aylesbury, UK
Dual PV array system (3kWp and 5kWp) with 10kWp storage near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK
solar, PV, grid-tie, DC-coupled, diversion, generation, microgeneration, domestic, storage
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UK centre 51.8N,-0.8E
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