Earth Notes: RSS Podcast Feed Efficiency Sonification 1

Updated 2024-07-01.
Sonification: sounding out the carbon cost of sloppy implementation... #frugal #greenSoftware #RSS
No voiceover: listening to the beat of heavy-handed RSS polling for nine weeks from to , with a guitar riff over the top, thanks to RN and our new band "One Gig Big"!
113s "RSS 9 weeks prog rock OGB" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:
[By-hour GMT bytes and hits of RSS feed download traffic over 9 sample weeks in drums; 4 hours in a 4/4 bar, 6 bars in a day. Progressive rock guitar overlay by a real human.]

Show Notes

All part of trying to understand better RSS Podcast Feed Efficiency...

RSS feed efficiency as drum beat pairs with velocity proportional to bytes/hits per hour slot. For data up to , prepared with statsHouse-5.3.1.min.jar -feedHitsSummary type 1, and with MP3 generated by GarageBand 10.4.11:

86s "20240530 byHourSummary1" Uploaded . Downloads:

With a tweak to play low toms for hits in skipHours (ie night!), with V5.3.2:

86s "20240531 byHourSummary1" Uploaded . Downloads:

Using V5.3.3 exported .dat output, in the spirit of [zong2024umwelt] audio-led rendering, via gnuplot WIP script (snapshot):

20240608 byHourSummary1

As California and Prog rock (debut tracks for "1 Gig Big" with RN):

114s "RSS 9 weeks CA rock OGB" Uploaded . Downloads:
113s "RSS 9 weeks prog rock OGB" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:

Cover art:

20240608 byHourSummary1

2024-06-29: Summary Type 2


Summary type 2 with some melody overlay from the response status codes, made with V5.3.4:

136s "byHourSummary2" Uploaded . Downloads:


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