Earth Notes: RSS Podcast Feed Efficiency Sonification 2

Updated 2024-07-01.
Sonification: sounding out the carbon cost of sloppy implementation 12 weeks in... #frugal #greenSoftware #RSS
No voiceover: listening to the beat of heavy-handed RSS polling for twelve weeks from to the end of .
147s "12 weeks RSS type 2 GrindingWaves LiverpoolBass" Uploaded . Downloads:
[By-hour GMT bytes and hits (tom-toms) and status codes of RSS feed download traffic over 12 sample weeks; 4 hours in a 4/4 bar, 6 bars in a day.]

Show Notes

All part of trying to understand better RSS Podcast Feed Efficiency...

"Type 2" summary from statsHouse V5.3.4 with tweaked instrument voices from the GarageBand defaults.

A variant with Vintage Arcade in place of percussion/toms.

147s "12 weeks RSS type 2 GrindingWaves VintageArcade" Uploaded . Downloads: