Earth Notes: Radbot Origin Myth 1 - Eureka! (2016)

Updated 2022-10-10.
"Eureka!" - Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it is a radiator robot with AI! #webcomic
The Continuing Adventures of Radbot!
panel 1: Eureka! - my new invention - Radbot!
panel 2: let's change the world!
panel 3: wear the proper attire
panel 4: Radbot - they didn't have capes in your size

Radbot Origin Myth 1 "Eureka!" (Copyright © 2016) , editor .

Have you ever wondered what it's like for a tech startup to run a crowdfunding campaign for a new consumer product? One with ambitions of millions of units sold across many countries? And all to try to save the planet?

Well this is not quite how it works, I fear, but join us anyway! This way involves parties, foreign travel and even the astral plane (though not leaving from Luton Airport)...

Confused? You will be!

Tune in to find out if our newly-caped hero goes it alone and is an overnight success...

Back Story

As I mention in The Register: Lean in and pivot: Even Steve Jobs didn't work alone, startup boy:

I toiled in banking for circa 20 years, amongst other gigs, including at the much-loved Lehman Brothers (motto: "Where Vision Gets Bilked" or whatever) and RBS, and a previous fintech start-up of mine, though I'm also an electronics guy by background.

Lehman's did give us baseball caps, but no superhero capes. Sometimes I wish I had that cape (and the spandex-ready-abs); along with the manual that tells you how to be a great manager and leader and visionary (though without the bilking); and the secret lair and supply of ready cash to fund the pimped-up ride and global-domination plan.


And this time we really do have a chance to save the world through IoT and commerce, even if my abs may forever be beyond hope.

Now I'm in a different, smaller, and yet — paradoxically — bigger world. It's a big opportunity, a small company, and I'm with my business partner and COO, Mark.

Our big idea? Making money, energy and carbon saving work for Joe Everyone at home, simple, cheap and "just works" like your fridge light coming on so you can see what you stashed when you open the door! Our mission is to smarten up 400 million radiators across Europe, saving the typical UK punter £300 per year on their gas bill, for example, and knocking as much as 10 per cent off the UK's carbon footprint. And without any need for perplexing instruction manuals or expensive bling or cold toes.

As I go on to say, this is not some "wannabe tech guy makes good with ten lines of shell script" fantasy. The tech is only a small part of getting this viable and scalable and desirable so that Jo Everyone will want to break out her purse for it. Forgoing a couple of bottles of wine in return for her very own Radbot on a radiator in her home.