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Listen to the Earth Notes occasional podcast on all things eco and green and efficient @Home! #eco #snackable #podcast
How to cut your carbon footprint at home without pain! All Earth Notes podcast episodes (audio-based articles) are listed here. Look out for the full transcripts.

The podcast started in . The first two episodes were created to support a local naturalist who leads guided walks around our local council housing estate.

Episodes are typically:

Some episodes are a little more tangential, such as listening to the temperature of your radiators for a whole year in one second.

Some episodes are longer. Watch out for video too!

There are also ambient and sonification episodes with little or no commentary.


59 episodes, newest first:

Other Ways to Listen

'Lite' pages play smaller, mono versions of the audio files where available. Smaller files help save your mobile data allowance and a tiny carbon toeprint. The smaller version may also be served automatically if you have data saving mode (Save-Data: on) enabled in your browser.

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Diary of some EOU HQ and notable events/stats, for a future diarycast!


You may be interested in nitty-gritty tech updates and daily learnings while keeping the Earth Notes site up and running.

Some documentation of my set-up and workflow is in episode "Metacast 2".

See also Podcast Industry Statistics, updated daily.

There are the first wisps of a SoundCloud.

I have some anecdotes.


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