Earth Notes: Bats Around our Home aka 16WW (2024)

Updated 2024-03-29.
More mainly evening observations from around and about 16WW.
Continuing bat observations at and around 16WW.

2024-01-20: Early

Alison F reported that she observed a bat feeding in Kingston cemetery on Saturday evening around .

2024-03-11: Birds and Bats

There has been an interesting report from Italy of blue tits and greater noctules sharing a home: Dangerous neighbours: Birds and bird-eating bats sharing tree cavities [russo2024sharing].

2024-03-20: They are back!

22:40Z at least one pip upstream on the Villiers Road bridge over the Hogsmill, and two or three visible downstream; there had been huge clouds of midges earlier. ~11°C. Sunset ~18:15Z.

2024-03-26: Rained Off

20:57Z no bats seen, fairly heavy rain.


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