Earth Notes: Bats Around our Home aka 16WW

Updated 2024-04-08.
Our house in a bat hotspot - pipistrelles rather than vampires! #bat #Chiroptera #dataset

Cheat podcast episode! Bats on the Hogmill River a few minutes' walk away:

2275s "20201007T18:10Z Hogsmill Lane Hogsmill River multiple bats FD10 bandpass 1500 to 7500Hz resampled 48ksps to 16ksps" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:

Notes on Bats at 16WW

I am happy to say that there are lots of bats around our home. Mainly common pipistrelles (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) it seems, maybe a soprano pipistrelle or three. They can be seen flying at about bedroom window height against the dusk and detected by their feeding and social calls. Feasting on mosquitoes and other insects.

A few minutes' walk away at the Hogsmill River is a veritable bat party feast, with other species such as Natterer's and Daubenton's in the mix.

The cemetery just over the road from 16WW also seems to host at the very least a crowd of pipistrelles (common and soprano).

It's all go round here!

Here are some 16WW Chiroptera notes, sounds and images, and anecdata, with some exposed slightly more formally as a dataset.

Local bat survey October 2018, from Alison Fure
October 2018 survey of bats in the 'hood, from Alison Fure.
201911 CRE pipistrelle bat activity heatmap Greengage ANON
November 2019 pipistrelle activity hotspots at Cambridge Road Estate — marked Greengage, now believed to be public domain. (Click through for highest-resolution image.)


For more detail of observations at 16WW and elsewhere, and tech and analysis, see the following by-year sections:


16WW Bat Activty
Bat activity with audio and spectrograms, at or near 16WW, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 3JA, UK
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