Earth Notes: Diarycast - Conscious Uncouping - Travel (2020-07-26)

Updated 2024-04-08.
First work meetup and travel in months, at exotic Elephant and Castle. #podcast #soundscape #lockdown2020
511s "20200726" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:
lockdown lite travel 20200722 and meeting masks signage outdoor tables Elephant and Castle from Norbiton London England 230852 DHD


Hi, I'm Damon Hart-Davis, and welcome to Earth Notes podcast on all things eco and green and efficient @Home!


A quiet evening ambient soundscape of the lockdown-muted return home from Elephant and Castle in London.

For the first time in months I met with my work colleagues, in a pleasant outdoor venue that does coffee and food and beer. This has extracts from recordings on the journey back home, 10pm-ish, a little quieter than a late-evening mid-week would normally be.

Thanks to Deniz for the loan of his Olympus LS-P4 field recorder for this!

The source tracks are available from the Show Notes.




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Show Notes

All recorded at 16-bit 48ksps FLAC on a Olympus LS-P4, handheld, no wind muff, on the evening of Wednesday 2020-07-22.

There was too much wind noise on some tracks to retain. Some of the tracks here have been trimmed a little where excessively noisy.

Quieter ambient inserts have been amplified 9dB.

A brief burst from inside the venue (Mercato Metripolitano):

9s "20200722 London Elephant and Castle outdoor food and drink place" Uploaded . Downloads:

Outside the venue, with a motorbike that dutifully waited for the lights:

31s "20200722 London Elephant and Castle outside outdoor food and drink place motorbike waiting at traffic lights" Uploaded . Downloads:

An initial part of the walk to Waterloo, with what I think are some electric vehicles amongst the subdued traffic:

106s "20200722 London Elephant and Castle walking traffic noise voices" Uploaded . Downloads:

Remainder of the walk to Waterloo, passing some loud 'rickshaws' playing music and then up the escalators to the concourse:

796s "20200722 London Elephant and Castle walking to Waterloo main station concourse" Uploaded . Downloads:

Overground (electric) train from Waterloo to Wimbledon, with announcements and arcing and wheel-squealing:

986s "20200722 London Waterloo to Wimbledon train" Uploaded . Downloads:


375s "20200722 London Wimbledon to Kingston 71 bus" Uploaded . Downloads:

Tail end of final walk home to my front door:

212s "20200722 London Kingston final walk to my front door" Uploaded . Downloads:

Bonus sound (I was caught in the rain while taking my daily walk):

19s "20200726T1530Z heavy rain shower heard from under sycamore tree near front of 16WW" Uploaded . Downloads: