Earth Notes: Microbrewery Ambient (2021-09)

Updated 2024-04-04.
A few minutes of soundscape from a busy microbrewery doing its thing! #microbrewery #festival #fieldRecording

This episode has no words from me, it's all ambience again.

A little over ten minutes of noises from my favourite local microbrewery. Many thanks to Josh for letting me record!
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[Ambient sounds from The Park Brewery in Kingston.]

Show Notes

Josh (co-owner) very kindly let me leave my field recorder in the middle of their unit for about 3 hours (~2GB!). Yes, I omitted parts with industrial language, and also philosophical speculation as to whether that language would be omitted!

It was all a bit louder than I expected. I expected gentle bubbling or something, but this is real.

I may ask if I can have another go to capture the sounds of particular processes, eg canning or ... well I don't even know what to ask for.

Recorded on the Zoom H1n at 48ksps stereo lossless (WAV).