Earth Notes: On the APPGIE meeting - Taking the Carbon out of Heat (2017)

Updated 2022-12-05.
All Parliamentary Group for Intelligent Energy meeting at Westminster chaired by Peter Aldous MP. #CarbonOutOfHeat
Brief notes and observations from the meeting in Committee Room 19, House of Commons, Westminster on the morning of 2017-11-22.

These are cut and pasted mainly from my Twitter stream. I have made some very light edits. Also see hashtag #CarbonOutOfHeat, and handle @appgie. Note that the hero image is courtesy of @appgie.

Meeting Description

This event will look at how to decarbonise the 20% of emissions that comes from heating the UK's 28 million homes. A Policy Exchange report last year, 'Too Hot to Handle' highlighted that the previous Government's plan to decarbonise heating by fitting electric heat pumps in most homes by 2050 would cost about £300 billion. All in all costing as much as £12,000 per household to deliver the plans to reduce carbon emissions from domestic heating. Before 2050 around 26 million homes will each require new low carbon installations – the equivalent of ten Milton Keynes' each year. This event will explore options on how to do this in a cost effective and timely manner. It will be difficult to meet our renewable generation targets, let alone our decarbonisation targets, without looking at the carbon impacts of our heat use. We need to apply the same effort to decarbonising heat as has been applied to electricity.

Chair: Peter Aldous MP


Tweet Notes

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