Earth Notes: On the "Dull is Good" Cleanweb Meetup (2015)

Updated 2022-10-16.
Read about IoT in Green and Beige: saving the planet one boring box at a time! Meeting notes and presentations. #IoT #cleanweb #cutCarbon

Cleanweb, IoT

"Cleanweb" is the use of connected IT to address resource and sustainability challenges.

The meeting was hosted by Makers Academy: thanks!

A meeting built on the premise that IoT will be truly successful when it blends into the background, possibly as a series of boring beige boxes, and does not require early-adopter types to continually fiddle with it. (But the security should not fail before the device otherwise does, which is hard to get right in the absence of a crystal ball.)

This is especially true of 'green' IoT, witness the OpenTRV fit-and-forget design principles.

This was part of our dissemination work for IoT Launchpad.

Speakers and Talks

The four speakers and talks (with some key extracts) were:

Follow-up News

2017-08-08: The Register: Smart streetlight bods Telensa nearly double full-year revenues:

Telensa mainly makes smart streetlights on which it hangs its proprietary ultra narrowband (UNB) low power, wide area (LPWA) infrastructure Internet of Things (IoT) network. In plain English, this means they build LED streetlights that can be wirelessly controlled. Its UNB network runs in unlicensed spectrum, similar to more widely adopted IoT connectivity standards such as Sigfox and LoRaWAN, both of which also operate in unlicensed spectrum. Unusually, the company moved its production from Asia back to the UK — Pencoed in South Wales, to be precise — earlier this year, citing the "reputation for quality and long-term cost-effectiveness" of the Sony UK Technology Centre, which now makes around a quarter of a million streetlights per year for Telensa's customers.