Earth Notes: On the IKEA SMAKLIG Built-in Induction Hob: Review

Updated 2024-06-15.
Is an induction hob better than cooking with gas? How about health and carbon? #induction #cutCarbon #airQuality
We bought the SMAKLIG in April 2013 for our kitchen insulation and redecoration refit. We are happy with our choice. We're no longer burning fossil fuel to cook. We may be protecting our lungs too, as an unintended bonus.

(See the new SMAKLIG as of late 2020.)

Product: IKEA SMAKLIG induction hob

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Built-in Induction Hob 59cm.
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  • Colour: black
  • SKU: 202.228.30
  • Discontinued
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Review summary
  • IKEA SMAKLIG induction hob
  • 2x2300W induction zone with booster; 3200W. 1x1800W induction zone with booster; 2500W. 1x1400W induction zone with booster; 1800W. Bridge function allows you to connect 2 cooking zones into 1 large one when needed. All works as described, well.

    We have had this hob for 4 years now. [Ordered 2013-04-19 for £500 including delivery and VAT.] I have never used the bridge function, but it may be useful for others. It heats up quickly, so am not waiting for water to boil for very long for things like pasta etc. It cleans very well. You have to manage the setting slightly if you want to simmer as even on some of the lower settings 3, 4, 5 it can still bubble too much. I don't think I would go back to a gas hob, as this is much quicker to cook with. I would recommend.

  • Pros:
    • heats quickly
    • cleans well
    • better than gas
  • Cons:
    • simmer needs care
  • Rating: 4/5
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Is an induction hob better than gas?

Yes, we think so. For cooking, climate and health.

Are new pans needed for induction?

None of our ancient pans (from student days in some cases!) worked with induction. So we bought a new set of suitable pans. Typically pans are marked on the base with what they work with, eg traditional gas/electric, or induction, and we did not have to spend a lot. As you'd expect, having shiny new pans improved our whole experience!

Does the SMAKLIG make a clicking noise?

SMAKLIG hob in unfinished kitchen 2013

I have read reports online that the Smaklig rings 'click' at low power. Ours does indeed do this, though it is usually very quiet. Above about 7 on the right-hand rings I think that the power can be modulated to the requested setting without having to turn the power off entirely. Below that, the power is turned off for a few seconds in a cycle to reduce the power pushed into the pan. This on/off cycling is just what older electric hobs used to do whenever below 'MAX' as I remember. It has not been any problem for us.

Does induction cut carbon and help health?

Yes, we are saving the planet (induction has a lower carbon footprint than gas) and our health (eg gas hobs add over 25% to indoor NO2 pollution). [michanowicz2022home] [gruenwald2022asthma]


See the rematch: SilverCrest vs IKEA we did after 4 years of using the SMAKLIG. We had started with induction on the SilverCrest portable hob before the new kitchen was done.


All in all we are pleased with our induction hob. We are very likely as of 2017 saving carbon with it vs the old gas hob. (Because of reducing grid carbon intensity.) Never mind the reduced fumes and thus the health benefits too.

So yes, for us, induction is much better than gas!


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