Earth Notes: On the WV1 window vac: Review

Updated 2022-12-15.
Is the WV1 better than wiping windows down with a cloth?
We do not have quite enough ventilation when we have battened down the batches in winter, and condensation on some of the windows is a nuisance. Will the Kächer WV1 window vac save the day?

Product: Kaercher WV1 window vac

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Karcher WV 1 Handheld Window Cleaner that sucks up moisture, eg condensation on windows on cold days. ~25 minutes running time on full charge good for ~45 windows. Fixed 250mm head. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Container capacity 0.1 litre. Weighs 500g.
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  • Weight: 500g
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Review summary
  • WV1
  • 2021-12: I have used it twice so far to remove condensation and once to clean a window. So far so good!

    2022-12: working fine in cold snap.

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Naturally, since the WV1 arrived , we have had unnaturally warm weather by and large, up to the turn of 2022. So we had not given it much of a workout! We had some colder nights from a week or so into January, so it's getting some use...

With outside temperatures well below freezing overnight at the start of , the WV1 has seen some use, and had done what it says on the tin...