Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2021-06)

Updated 2022-10-15.
Tech updates: precise CSS minify, connection down, new series, down with AMP.
This month has been a fairly quiet one as expected. Though a 5h outage while the ISP's wholesaler's RADIUS system took a lie-down provided some excitement...

2021-06-28: AMP Be Gone

Given a fresh prompt by Good news: Google no longer requires publishers to use the AMP format. Bad news: What replaces it might be worse, I think I may remove AMP pages next month.

An outline plan, spread over several weeks if needed, is:

  • Take header/amphtml links to AMP out of the related pages, and add noindex to all AMP pages.
  • Wait at least a week and/or until AMP page count in GSC close to zero.
  • Stop generating and remove all AMP pages, letting them be redirected to m-dot pages individually.
  • Redirect entire amp domain to m-dot or desktop as preferred.
Screenshot 20210628 GSC Core Web Vitals oddity
What does this CWV (Core Web Vitals) view in GSC (Google Search Console) even mean with zeros for all grades? Not enough data in CrUX? Tough on small sites like this if so.
Screenshot 20210628 GSC AMP chart
Current state of AMP as seen in GSC.

2021-06-27: Series

I was able to add a whole new article series without any sweat!

The first three pieces are up.

2021-06-26: Grim

Weather has been quite grim with low PV generation over the last ten days or so.

2021-06-11: Outage

A five-hour broadband outage, possibly a RADIUS problems in the wholesale supplier upstream of my direct ISP. Starting up a DSL/FTTC session worked, apparently, but our (static) public IP address was not assigned to the link, and there was no inbound traffic...

2021-06-06: Precise CSS Minification

I have split out header CSS minification into a separate pass after the full HTML page has been generated. That eliminates a lot of complex logic to guess early what CSS to retain and what to drop.

This logic was not always right before. Now nothing should be dropped that is needed. A little more that is not needed should be dropped.

The upshot is that a few minimal pages such as the 404 page are a little smaller, while a few others are a little larger.