Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2021-11)

Updated 2022-10-23.
Tech updates: more meters, reutils tweets upgrade, DB-based Event and Product
Getting colder and turned ad load up as Christmas frenzy approaches, fixes to the public grid intensity bot, and making event and product structured data more manageable.

2021-11-28: Core Web Vitals: No Data

GSC is claiming 'no data' for CWVs again, but I still otherwise seem to be OK.

Screenshot 20211128 GSC Page experience
Your site has 95.8% URLs with a good page experience.

2021-11-27: Product with Review

The first page with database-sourced Product information/review went in today.

2021-11-26: Event with Review

The database-sourced Event system now supports Review and ratings (eg out of 5).

2021-11-25: Event Structured Data

Google seems to keep changing its mind about how it wants to see structured data for Event, Product, Review and similar. And some of the structure is complex and ambiguous. Manually updating the tens of such items in EOU over and over is hard.

To this end I created a new script script/ to convert simple property text files (loosely based on those used for the LEDs page) into HTML to insert into appropriate pages. More than one per page is allowed.

This schema allows consistent compact HTML5 to be generated. All relevant pages can be updated when the script or source properties are, even exposing the dependencies automatically to make. Unique IDs can be generated to allow these items to be referred to.

The first item transferred to the new system is in the Wants and Offers page. It is a (repeating) Event for Kingston Green Drinks on the last Tuesday of every month, thus non-trivial. It does not have an embedded Review.

2021-11-07: reutils V1.1.8

20211114 GB intensity tweet from reutils

Pushed out V1.1.8 of reutils that computes live GB grid intensity and tweets it. The main change is to put the computed grid intensity (gCO2/kWh) in each tweet, at the start for easy human parsing. The static image was also removed from the tweet since it was causing confusion.

GB grid intensity
Old static Twitter 'large_card' image removed.
Temporary new 'large_card' image (since removed also).

Typical text now:

290gCO2/kWh National Grid CO2 intensity is average so don't run big appliances now if you can wait. #CO2 |1321

Though other work was already underway on reutils (eg to allow year-based fuel intensities and a clean switch between them), this set of changes was provoked by a tweet received before I was even out of bed on Sunday morning!

2021-11-02: Small Things

I have a new replacement for my archaic use of the spell command! With brew install ispell my new incantation (though US spellings only) is:

ispell -H -l < source.html | sort -u | fmt

Also today I added a meter for the grid-coupled newly quadrupled Enphase storage under that for the off-grid storage:

  • 100% usable off-grid charge (100%/1320Wh).
  • 74% usable grid-coupled charge (74%/3670Wh).
  • Total electrical storage: 4990Wh.