Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2022-01)

Updated 2022-10-23.
Tech updates: sitemap timestamp changes, power system tweaks, RE Utils V1.1.12, Christmas dip, desktop page experience, not indexed.
Still winding down for Christmas (2025?), but while waiting I might as well tweak sitemaps, battery-bank power management, RE Utils to produce extra info...

2022-01-30: GSC Crawled - currently not indexed

Am I the only one to use the "Index > Sitemaps > sitemap.xml > Excluded > Crawled - currently not indexed" list as a clue for pages that could do with a bit of TLC and tweaking?

2022-01-18: GSC Desktop Page Experience

A Desktop Page Experience report just became available in Google Search Console and in the page experience summary I see the headline:

96% URLs with a good page experience on mobile
100% good URLs on desktop

2022-01-17: Christmas Dip

Screenshot 20220117 GSC Performance impressions dip on Christmas Day
Christmas Day traditions #8734: impressions dip as seen in GSC.

2022-01-10: RE Utils V1.1.12

Working up to integrating the heat battery, I need to make the current grid intensity easily available, in the file system or over HTTP. The latter if I run a second RPi just to talk to the heat battery, possibly at lower power than a long RS422!

The V1.1.12 reutils release publishes live raw plain-text gCO2e/kWh value eg suitable to poll over HTTP, eg to decide when to fill a thermal store from the grid for hybrid DHW provision.

2022-01-09: Power System Tweaks

I need to reduce mid-winter load a bit (go back to just one RPi for example) or add a bit more generation (~250Wp of upward-facing / near-horizontal panel?). In the interim I have tightened up the power management code to be a little more protective, sooner, after an extended period of weather too dull to make the battery FULL.

% /usr/local/bin/powermng -nv
Verbose mode ($Id: powermng.cpp 43291 2022-01-08 16:23:37Z dhd $).
ISEXPPI=1: Expander Pi is in use.
LOAD POWER (mW): 2439
SS-MPPT-15L Vb_f slow battery voltage (mV): 12012
SS-MPPT-15L Adc_il_f load current (mA): 203
Input flag DUMPING is unset.
SS-MPPT-15L Adc_ic_f battery charge current (mA): 218
External flag file /var/log/SunnyBeam/LOW.flag is present.
NET battery charge current (mA): 15
SS-MPPT-15L T_batt (C): 6, temperature compensation 210mV.
Estimated LA battery impedance: 113mohm.
Estimated LA battery sag/(-rise) from internal impedance, and nominal internal
voltage, effective w/ temp comp: 1mV, 12011mV, 11801mV.
Estimated actual battery sag from load (mV): 0mV.
LA/B1 dynamic threshold adjustment for load current 0mV.
B1 and wiring dump load sag allowances 146mV, 194mV.
Battery voltage 1 local (LA) 11854mV.
Supply drop B1 to BV 158mV; implied supply impedance 778mohm.
Adc_vl_f load voltage (mV): 11985
Supply drop B1 to controller load terminals 27mV; implied controller impedance
Supply drop controller to BV 131mV; implied wiring impedance 645mohm.
Long time since VHIGH (or system not been up long enough to be sure).
Long time since FULL (or system not been up long enough to be sure).
Battery voltage 1 basic compensation 210mV.
Battery voltage 1 'very low' threshold 12410mV (raw 12200mV).
Battery voltage 1 'low' threshold 12660mV (raw 12450mV).
Battery voltage 1 dump margin threshold 12810mV (B1 delta 150mV, sag for dump
load 146mV).
Battery voltage 1 'not high' threshold 13450mV (raw 13450mV).
Battery voltage 1 'very high' raw threshold 13600mV.
Input flag FORECAST_PV_GEN_GOOD is set.
Battery extra USoC reserve for poor forecast / VHIGH and FULL not recent 15%.
Battery 1 effective/usable SoC 0%, dump thresholds min 65% higher 82%
(uncompensated USoC 0%); usable to dump = 0.
SS-MPPT-15L Power_out A1P (mW) 2628.
SS-MPPT-15L Adc_va_f array voltage (mV): 23783
LASTDATA: 2022/01/09T09:08:55Z AL 218 B1 12012 B2 -1 P 2439 BV 11854 ST VL - L
A1P 2628 B1T 6 UC 0 A1V 23783

2022-01-06: Sitemap Timestamp Tweaks

I was basing the timestamps in sitemap.xml and sitemap.atom on the timestamp of the .*.html source files. (Usually: if there was an insert for the file then its timestamp could win.) This was to avoid bothering search engines (SEs) with non-content changes, eg when one of the build scripts was updated, or there were some site-wide style changes.

But this was starting to get complicated.

These have now been changed to use the build time of the .html HTML files. Note that the pre-compressed .htmlgz and .htmlbr files still may have later timestamps than the sitemap entries.

Also: AMP has finally gone from the GSC 'Enhancements' list in 'Overview'!