Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2022-02)

Updated 2024-06-03.
Tech updates: Eddi data and control, more not indexed, max immutable cache life.
Creating new control algorithms and gathering more data, and trying to make GSC happy about things "currently not indexed"!

2022-02-27: Maxing Lifetime

Just realised that I had not set Cache-Control for a chunk of immutable objects to the one-year maximum (Cache-Control: max-age=31536000). The spiders like them, so good to reduce bandwidth. Done.

2022-02-13: GSC Crawled - currently not indexed

I have seen a succession of pages last crawled inb about September appear in "Index > Sitemaps > sitemap.xml > Excluded > Crawled - currently not indexed". I am tweaking and refreshing as usual, but I wonder why these why now?

(This page slipped straight into Discovered – currently not indexed for a couple of days, then moved to and still is Crawled - currently not indexed as of the 21st.)

(As of 2024-02-01, last crawled 2024-01-29, this page is not indexed again...)

(As of , 40 of 414 'discovered' pages are not indexed, was 0 as recently as ).

2022-02-06: Eddi Logging

See the new Myenergi API scripts and logs.

The basic Eddi JSON stats set is being captured at 10-minute intervals for now.

The new control mechanism computes what percentage full the heat battery should be topped-up to from the grid (if not already that full), based on local hour of day, grid intensity, and a few other factors.

The heat battery won't be in for another month or so, but I'm thinking things through with this very dry run!

20220213 heatBatTarget
Heat target % max fill from grid, vs actual grid intensity and top-up limit threshold, for 2022-02-13.