Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2022-04)

Updated 2022-10-23.
Tech updates: grid support, GSC desktop crawl requests, HFS slow fsck, Air delay, new images.
A new panic on GSC desktop crawling, or back to a more sensible state? And double Apple troubles!

2022-04-28: New Images!

The first of (I hope many) interesting images for EOU from JA / Fighting Pride!

Tools (well, one in this case)!
chickpea aubergine JA
Food (chickpea and sun-dried tomato-stuffed aubergines with spicy aioli)!

2022-04-21: Apple MBA Slow

A replacement MacBook Air was meant to be arriving for me today or tomorrow. The one I am currently using (MacBookAir6,2, Dual-Core Intel Core i7, 1.7 GHz) has already been repaired more than once (battery and keyboard replacements), is short of storage, is not getting major OS updates, the new battery is apparently getting flaky, and the external backup disk stopped working in one of the USB ports. I have had it many years, and it is approximately 2013 vintage.

However, an email that arrived this morning informed me, without giving reasons, that delivery would be put back at least 4 or 5 weeks. I understand that some combination of wars, and pandemic shutdowns in China, rattle supply chains, but someone must have known for at least a couple of days that no machine was ready to dispatch, even by air, on time. Apple customer support was nice about it on the phone, and has said sorry with a small goodwill gesture.

Bizarrely also, earlier, I received a text message from Apple that my small sub-order had arrived via Royal Mail exactly two weeks ago. This is true, but not very helpful!

2022-04-16: Apple HFS Slow Fsck

Running HFS fsck on my 2TB external Time Machine backup spinning-rust disc for my MacBook Air takes days. In this case fsck was needed because I accidentally unplugged it without proper shutdown during a backup's "cleanup" phase. (MacOS does not tell you anything except that the disc is not ready for Time Machine to use; it appears that the disc is simply dead.)

I have just bought a new 4TB external spinning-rust drive for backup for under £80 including VAT and delivery.

2022-04-09: Desktop Crawl Rate: A New Panic?

Screenshot 20220409 GSC crawl requests desktop
Fairly steep decline in desktop page crawl requests by Google, as seen in the Google Search Console (GSC).

There's a war on, and — maybe related — impressions and ad revenue are down. But this selective fall in desktop page crawl, possibly to a more typical long-term level, may be relevant too.

Crawl requests by the 'smartphone' bot are maybe slightly rising, and now slightly higher.

Interesting, but nothing to panic over yet.

2022-04-08: Grid Frequency Support

The eddi+Thermino frequency response thing seems to be working as intended, operating for around 15 minutes per day, often in small runs. Typically between 1kW and 3kW extra power is made available to the grid.