Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2022-05)

Updated 2022-05-17.
Tech updates: timing tweets, energy stats insert, stats explosion...
Timing my tweets and catching up on some ambient field-recordings!

2022-05-16: Async Desktop Again

WebPageTest is now complaining that my share42 JS script is render-blocking, even though it is loaded very late and updating stuff generally out of sight. So for desktop only I have made it async again. This seems to allow it to be discovered faster and loaded in parallel with other objects. I'd still prefer it not complete for bandwidth and CPU, but if WPT says async is better, then it must be right!

2022-05-13: Energy Stats Explosion

I made lots of progress on stats: extracting more of them, consolidating from multiple sources into one CSV/table, displaying them as tables, etc.

Yesterday I decided to auto-insert a selection of energy stats rendered this way into any page spatially marked as at 16WW, tagged microgen, but not marked dataset so as not to pollute those pages which have their own data to push!

2022-05-11: Energy Stats Insert

I'v started a semi-automatic mechanism to insert relevant 16WW energy stats into pages' codas.

Initially the pages will be explicitly selected with a head directive, but that might broaden automatically to TECH pages with 16WW location and a simple temporal coverage for example.

Pages that are inappropiate (eg error or lite) will not get the insert.

This page has been marked up to include such stats as of writing.

To start with this will be placeholder text, and may fall back to that when, say, stats for the specified time are not available.

The intention is for this content to be static tables and/or text, extracted quickly on the fly, and will not force a page update. This will only be updated (eg stylistically) if all pages are, or the particular page is naturally rebuilt for some other reason. It is possible that live graphics and page-type-specific content will be included.

2022-05-08: Timing My Tweets

I have been pushing out automated EOU tweets in the wee hours (for AU/NZ) and noon-ish. The former is nominally good for UK interaction too because there's not much else going on at that time.

There are suggestions that around the start of the business day, and in the early evening, are when many people are dipping into social media.

So I've doubled up on my 'daytime' posting to be two: mid-morning and mid-evening.

Exceeding five (automated) postings on weekdays (three on weekends) is said to be overdoing things, so this won't be. Any excess will be my human wit and charm: what's the worst that could happen?

Oh, and I visited a music festival yesterday and did a field recording.

I also updated the reutils library to allow 280 character tweets. I saw that the old 140 limit had stopped at least one of these EOU tweets from being sent.