Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2022-07)

Updated 2024-02-17.
Tech updates: hot, cross (references).
This month and next should be very quiet (eg low AdSense revenue) as hot (38°C at 16WW!) weather and holidays are on us.

2022-07-30: Cross References

Today I added a list of energy system events/changes, and cross-references between them and entries in the energy series tables.

By this I hope to make it easier to tell which events / changes made a difference to which variables.

Cut-down cross-referencing also applies to all energy table summary inserts.

2022-07-19: Hot Hot Hot

Probably the hottest day ever in the UK today (touching 38°C at EOU Towers) and nothing has fallen over yet, amazingly. The kitchen is still the coolest room in the house even though the Thermino and all RPis are here (so I'm working from it today)!

house temperatures vs porch/outside around UK heatwave
No magic smoke visibly escaped!
lead-acid off-grid battery store temperature vs porch/outside around UK heatwave
Probably life has been shortened for the off-grid lead-acid battery since it got as hot as ~33°C!