Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2023-03)

Updated 2023-05-16.
Tech updates: reducing storage writes from logging, slow random.
I'm trying to concentrate on my shiny new research work, so this month has been mainly reactive.


As of today, is back and running, after a fashion!

2023-03-06: Catchup

Some simple housekeeping today, while stuck in bed with a resurgence of an annoying cold...

I realised that I had not updated the by-year meter readings table in the overall "saving electricity and gas" page to move to 2023. Now fixed. (I also updated the thumbnails to the latest snapshots.)

I realise that this could probably be an automated page insert now, but to avoid adding another moving part to be maintained I'll probably leave it as-is.

2023-03-05: Syslogging Less: BIND

Having turned down mail logging, other nonsense became more visible.

I have now turned off a lot of BIND9/named log entries of the form sencha named[NNN]: network unreachable resolving '': NNNN:NNN:N::N#53, by adding the OPTION -4 (IPv4 only) in /etc/default/bind9.

2023-03-04: Syslogging Less: Mail

There has been in my to-do list for a while an item to reduce logging from mail (via syslog) in particular.

Now done.

It looks as if SPAMming attempts over the last few days at least were nearer 4,000 a day than the historic norm of ~10,000 per day.


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