Earth Notes: On Website Technicals

Auto-updated 2022-07-02.
Read my nitty-gritty tech updates and daily learnings while keeping the Earth Notes site up and running; site stats also.
All about the interesting (and mundane) behind-the-scenes tech bits and bobs to grow and optimise this site, including purely technical measures such as speed, but also user experience beyond just adding new articles and updating existing ones.

These notes will be updated intermittently, usually when I should be doing something else!

Please try the useful tools, reasonably recently used and re-used by me, and encountered while writing these entries, listed under Sources/Links.

The Sources/Links section of each of the pages lists interesting and/or useful resources encountered, even if not directly used for the site, generally that month.

Also please take a look at the simple automatically-updated site stats below.

I welcome feedback on any of the issues that I have discussed. I share this stuff because it's interesting and because writing it here may save someone else some unnecessary head-scratching! No longer do we need to really know anything technical, nor own a shelf full of reference books (so '90s!), we just need to be able to compose queries for our favourite search engines!

The newest pages are at the top of this list, and the newest items are at the top of each linked page. Enjoy!

Notes On Site Technicals: Index

#61: 2022-06
100% good pages experience, conexDHW,, accessibility, isAccessibleForFree, hunspell en_GB, throbber.
#60: 2022-05
timing tweets, energy stats insert, explosion, defer/async again, Airogram, off-grid, lowpowermode, stats fiddling, synthesis.
#59: 2022-04
grid support, GSC desktop crawl requests, HFS slow fsck, Air delay, new images.
#58: 2022-03
jq, daylight bug not saving.
#57: 2022-02
Eddi data and control, more not indexed, max immutable cache life.
#56: 2022-01
sitemap timestamp changes, power system tweaks, RE Utils V1.1.12, Christmas dip, desktop page experience, not indexed.
#55: 2021-12
Sitebulb 5.4.0 review, AMP off, reviewed reviewed, crawl frenzy, IndexNow.
#54: 2021-11
more meters, reutils tweets upgrade, DB-based Event and Product
#53: 2021-10
crazy inexplicable GSC page experience.
#52: 2021-09
crazy page experience, settling, Save-Data automatic lite pages.
#51: 2021-08
improved cwebp, liter, lingering, Ko-fi, AVIF, boldness, JXL from JPEG, 304s?, rebuild speedup, AMP 0, keen img inline, repo move.
#50: 2021-07
AMP be gone, going, mmm, HTTPS m-dot, WEBP footling, AMP gone, webp lo-fi, not much Save-Data, yak shaving, ate my hamster.
#49: 2021-06
precise CSS minify, connection down, new series, down with AMP.
#48: 2021-05
LIFX, JXL, previous-article teaser.
#47: 2021-04
Ds are good, more tweets vicar?, Ds are fiddled with, moar, less, 2%, 2 brews, phone, MBA too, JXL, max green?, all zeroes.
#46: 2021-03
DNS primary fun, fast site, build faster in the sun, new dump scheme, flaky router, bylines.
#45: 2021-02
image preview tweak for dark mode, DNS secondary fun.
#44: 2021-01
new year data capture, min.js, hosting, soft params, profile opt, hot pages, storage, unLooped, loooong fsck, uptime, dark tweaks, INTIFA2.
#43: 2020-12
vignette ads, year-end to-dos, Big Sur and FTDI, half traffic, time travel, 20/20.
#42: 2020-11
work storage, Let's Encrypt auto-renew, lazy wins, slow https switch, AMP https only, soft canonical, Apple touch, Apache stop, ad sub.
#41: 2020-10
smaller than recommended, https 150ms slower, https Dataset canonical, textract, ORCID, 1995.
#40: 2020-09
Brotli side, AMP https preferred, H2 oddity, anchor ads away, forever compression, canonical https www, 92222[2], GSC domain property.
#39: 2020-08
Review rework, CSS contain and large pages, AutoAds and floats, moar moves, reviews fixed, MODBUS et al, Brotli, FAQ droop.
#38: 2020-07
micro-optimisation fun, mobile first, sizes is important, denser displays, MD5 names, AMP cert, m-dot move.
#37: 2020-06
VIDEO/AUDIO style responsive tweaks, AutoAds on again, CSS trim, Ansible, desktop minify, throttle, pop star, HTTPS, HTTP/2, ADC, RPi speed.
#36: 2020-05
lower-fi audio and video for AMP, hi-fi for hi-res screens, podcast RSS episode images, lazier heroes.
#35: 2020-04
Blue Yeti, reduced media preload, download means download, 48kHz podcast, Zencastr, mono marker, GSC soft 404s, stats.
#34: 2020-03
performance tweaks, aggressive lazy, ad load, coronavirus, even lazier.
#33: 2020-02
GSC Review annoyance, CSS dark mode, video captions, lazy loading, srcset issues.
#32: 2020-01
AdSense AutoAds and GSC speed oddities, newsflash snapshot, frugal. #hashtagMagic.
#31: 2019-12
Dataset search and dateModified, not lazy yet, newsflash, ad shift, GSC page speed report implausible.
#30: 2019-11
new Fairphone 3, MIDI data feed, GSC PageSpeed Insights, intensity log live, h3 tweak.
#29: 2019-10
GSC enhancements, automating data archiving, podcast rash, PodcastEpisode, auto-abstract, Audacity transcript.
#28: 2019-09
lack of instant podcast fame, .wav from awk, 5 per day, charge profile, explicitly not.
#27: 2019-08
maybe lazy, spatial coverage and Google Maps, goodbye JSON, long path wrapped, podcasts, links out and left float.
#26: 2019-07
improved video support, HTTPS, search impressions vs clicks, FFmpeg vs AVconv, line-height.
#25: 2019-06
Google search favicon, loading=lazy, dateCreated for a few, podcast and other audio support, Audacity, video support.
#24: 2019-05
displaying coverage, build too slow, ISO 8601 dates, GSC FAQ report, How-To, dated Comment, networking.
#23: 2019-04
moar liter, bumpy indexing, copyrightYear fix, Schedule, HH:MM and spatial page metadata, notworking, vox pop, tap target size.
#22: 2019-03
403, 2xGZip, FAQPage mix-in, m-dot/AMP, embedded BlogPosting, representativeOfPage, AMP ImageObject, MachMetrics, HTTPS, DefinedTermSet.
#21: 2019-02
micro-optimisation, isBasedOn, misuse of link rel prev/next, AMP half-indexed, Google-, soft 404, 1990 style, desktop tweak, 60% AMPed.
#20: 2019-01
Happy New Ear, cssgip, work storage, AMP srcset, LEDs, details, 400kpx image warning, bad AutoAd, indigestion, multi-hero, OGP revisited.
#19: 2018-12
feeds, IMG beyond AMP, Gallery CMS, test cases, random rebuild order, speakable structured data, lighter 404, moar AMPy, featured snippet.
#18: 2018-11
shorter autogen-image path and hero weight limit, images and link rel for AMP, IMG alt and SVG.
#17: 2018-10
preparing for the new RPi3 with 256GB of microSD card and BBR, app inventory, Bing crawl efficiency, info image and AMP.
#16: 2018-09
data file Atom sitemap in robots.txt, Google Dataset Search, poetry, DataDownload, CC0 licence, About, AMP.
#15: 2018-08
PWA revisited, auto lazy loading, jumpy AutoAds, more content pyramid, CRP and efficient canonicals, custom 404.
#14: 2018-07
warming up to HTTP/2 and Brotli and HTTPS, and the rest.
#13: 2018-06
creating a skim-friendly content pyramid, and post GDPR-calypse.
#12: 2018-05
CSS box-shadow performance for mobile, dns-prefetch fail, micro-optimisations, GDPR.
#11: 2018-04
reading time, liter, jpegtran to jpegultrascan, Primitive, SVG, Save-Data, Sitebulb.
#10: 2018-03
Auto Ad imbalance, incremental build, readability, tags, ad borders, TechArticle and Report, SoftwareSourceCode.
#9: 2018-02
Bing head, a saved byte, boxed cols and rounded corners, Google AdSense Auto Ads.
#8: 2018-01
PSNR lo-fi PNG autogeneration, page media, secondary image, client hints.
#7: 2017-12
allegedly too little markup, bad traffic, big hero, base download ms, service worker no rel, jump-to.
#6: 2017-11
Googlebot warp space, image re-optimisation, even liter, defer, inlining, video.
#5: 2017-10
rounded corners, mobile usability, HTTP/2 vs mobile, bad bot, UnCSS tweaks, latency, unit tests, visuals, Save-Data header, lite vs mobile.
#4: 2017-09
ImageMagick 20 years, Brew, autogen banners, old eyes, optimised ads, mobile traffic, brotli, doctype, JPEG fun, purifycss, UnCSS, OnDemand.
#3: 2017-08
Atom sitemaps (un)pending, Googlebot bandwidth, HTML improvements, regex big beast hunting, heroes, Cache-Control, restart drill, minifying.
#2: 2017-07
ad injection, meta, static precompression, zopfli, HTTP/head response overhead diet, Bing Webmaster Tools, FeedValidator, Share42, utf-8.
#1: 2017-06
CDN revoked, structured data, 10 years old, XML sitemap at long last and lastmod, HTML5 conformance, PageSpeed.

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