Earth Notes: On Tools for Solar PV/Thermal Projects

Updated 2022-09-30.
Learn about some tools helpful when considering/designing a solar PV or thermal system for the UK. #solar #tools #microgen
There are many calculators available on-line (and off-line) to help with solar design. This outlines a selection and lists many more!

On-line Calculators

solar PV grid tie roof mounted power system installation 46 DHD

Midsummer Energy provides a simple UK PV solar panel calculator for example, which I have often used.


Another good tool is the PhotoVoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS). PVGIS "provides a map-based inventory of solar energy resource and assessment of the electricity generation from photovoltaic systems in Europe, Africa, and South-West Asia."

The model algorithm estimates beam, diffuse and reflected components of the clear-sky and real-sky global irradiance/irradiation on horizontal or inclined surfaces. The total daily irradiation [Wh.m-2] is computed by the integration of the irradiance values [W.m-2] calculated at regular time intervals over the day. For each time step during the day the computation accounts for sky obstruction (shadowing) by local terrain features (hills or mountains), calculated from the digital elevation model.

Spreadsheet Calculators

solar PV grid tie roof mounted power system installation closeup 28 DHD

It is often useful to be able to work off-line. Even if one is not actually perched on a roof top when trying to add up on fingers and toes!

Julian Pearson volunteered me his own (Excel) spreadsheet that calculates the duration of sunlight per day, at the latitude entered by the user, as well as the angle of the sun... works out the efficiency of the solar strike on the panel for each day of the year ... [it assumes] optimised conditions ... [with an unobstructed, unshaded] clear view south.

He's happy for it to be distributed and used for free as long as the usual courtesies are respected. No messing with it, no charging for it or for use of it, and attribution for his work and that of the people he mentions in the spreadsheet.

PC Applications

One PC-based (paid-for) tool is the PVSYST PC application "for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems."

The installer of my 1.29kWp hybrid PV system used PVSYST to predict output. The graphs and tables are fairly clear and helpful.