Earth Notes: English River August Ambient (2021-08)

Updated 2022-09-17.
Late summer soundscape from a small river near the English south coast with a mystery chicken or three! #river #summer #fieldRecording

More silence from me, let the burbling small river (and the chickens) speak. Plus the odd intrusion from not-distant-enough motor traffic...

A little over 11 minutes' Devon summer riparian audio...
688s "202108 small river ambient" Uploaded . Download stereo MP3 audio clip 14782kB (may not be available in data-saver/lite mode), download low-bandwidth mono MP3 audio clip 4273kB, hi-fi stereo lossless audio clip 79303kB.
[Ambient sounds from beside a small English river in Devon, including burbling water, great tit, wood pigeon and chickens.]

Show Notes

Recorded on the Zoom H1n, 48ksps lossless stereo, with a wind muff.

Individual segments' loudness normalised to -23(dB) LUFS.

On this I learned to cross-fade tracks in Audacity!