Earth Notes: Saving Electricity and Gas (2024)

Updated 2024-07-01.
Meter readings at home. #4kWhDHWClub
2024 PV Output
Meter readings and analysis of our electricity and gas carbon footprint at home in 2024.


See the daily PV generation logs for 2024 as .csv and .png chart.

Heat Pump This Year?

Given that our old-ish gas combi boiler continues to struggle, I requested an on-line Octopus heat-pump quote and got in the queue.

If we do get a heat pump that will be our last use of gas gone, and we could maybe have it disconnected to avoid the standing charge.

In any case, the replacement would likely push our energy carbon footprint back negative, as I had hoped for when installing the solar PV.

2024 Fuel Consumption Data
MonthConsumed kWh (/d)Generated -kWh (/d)Consumed kWh (/d) PeriodNotes
2024-01 328 (10.6/d) -74 (-2.4/d) 495 (16.0/d) 20231231T16:13Z to 20240131T18:23Z (31d) Meter readings: electricity generation 74.3kWh, export 0.7kWh, import 253.9kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 327.5kWh, self consumption ((N-I)/N) 22%); gas ~44.6m^3 (so 495.2kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
The kitchen MHRV motor was replaced and is now quiet again.
The Enphase emailed monthly report for January (triggered 2024-02-01) says: produced (generated) 74.5kWh (max 4.4kWh on the 26th), consumed 319.8kWh (max 17.6kWh on the 20th), grid energy imported 261.5kWh and exported 0.3kWh, grid dependence 82% (min 50% on the 18th).
HDD12=199 vs 194 last January.
2024-02 328 (11.3/d) -112 (-5.6/d) 191 (6.6/d) 20240131T18:23Z to 20240229T18:04Z (29d) Meter readings: electricity generation 111.9kWh, export 4.5kWh, import 220.1kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 327.5kWh, self consumption ((N-I)/N) 33%); gas ~17.2m^3 (so 191.1kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
This appears to be the warmest February at 16WW/EGLL at least since 2007, going by HDD12.
My son went skiing with school to Italy, by coach (~24h out, ~18h return).
The Enphase emailed monthly report for February (triggered 2024-03-01) says: produced (generated) 113.2kWh (max 7.8kWh on the 27th), consumed 305.3kWh (max 16.0kWh on the 2nd), grid energy imported 213.4kWh and exported 3.5kWh, grid dependence 70% (min 16% on the 24th).
HDD12=91 vs 145 last February.
2024-03 306 (9.9/d) -256 (-8.3/d) 90 (2.9/d) 20240229T18:04Z to 20240331T19:22Z (31d) Meter readings: electricity generation 256.0kWh, export 45.5kWh, import 162.0kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 305.5kWh, self consumption ((N-I)/N) 47%); gas ~8.1m^3 (so 90.3kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
Passed 44MWh generated from the first 3/4ths of the grid-tied PV.
The Enphase emailed monthly report for March (triggered 2024-04-01) says: produced (generated) 256.8kWh (max 16.5kWh on the 30th), consumed 343.8kWh (max 17.6kWh on the 1st), grid energy imported 158.6kWh and exported 42.8kWh, grid dependence 46% (min 1% on the 31st).
HDD12=100 vs 129 last March.
2024-04 331 (11.0/d) -406 (-13.5/d) 14 (0.5/d) 20240331T19:22Z to 20240430T14:49Z (30d) Meter readings: electricity generation 405.5kWh, export 131.3kWh, import 56.8kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 331.0kWh, self consumption ((N-I)/N) 83%); gas ~1.3m^3 (so 14.2kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
The Enphase emailed monthly report for April (triggered 2024-05-01) says: produced (generated) 412.0kWh (max 24.1kWh on the 30th), consumed 312.1kWh (max 15.5kWh on the 7th), grid energy imported 52.0kWh and exported 129.8kWh, grid dependence 17% (min 2% on the 26th).
HDD12=67 vs 87 last April.
2024-05 299 (9.6/d) -464 (-15.0/d) 16 (0.5/d) 20240430T14:49Z to 20240531T18:07Z (31d) Meter readings: electricity generation 464.1kWh, export 204.9kWh, import 39.8kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 299.0kWh, self consumption ((N-I)/N) 87%); gas ~1.4m^3 (so 15.5kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
The Enphase emailed monthly report for May (triggered 2024-06-02) says: produced (generated) 462.6kWh (max 25.8kWh on the 20th), consumed 276.6kWh (max 14.5kWh on the 17th), grid energy imported 35.8kWh and exported 201.8kWh, grid dependence 13% (min 1% on the 27th).
HDD12=9 vs 20 last May.
2024-06 312 (10.4/d) -570 (-19.0/d) 18 (0.6/d) 20240531T18:07Z to 20240630T16:55Z (30d) Meter readings: electricity generation 570.4kWh, export 284.7kWh, import 26.3kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 312.0kWh, self consumption ((N-I)/N) 92%); gas ~1.5m^3 (so 17.7kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
Exports passed 41MWh. Generation passed 45MWh on the first array and 14MWh on the second.
The Enphase emailed monthly report for June (triggered 2024-07-01) says: produced (generated) 573.8kWh (max 27.9kWh on the 20th), consumed 293.9kWh (max 15.4kWh on the 7th), grid energy imported 21.3kWh and exported 282.7kWh, grid dependence 7% (min 1% on the 29th).
HDD12=8 vs 3 last June.