Earth Notes: Six Minutes of Med-ness (2022-08)

Updated 2023-12-25.
Ambient Mediterranean beach at dusk at Marseillan Plage. #fieldRecording #beach #Mediterranean
A brief ambient Med sea-shore twilight soundscape.
392s "six minutes of Med at Marseillan" Uploaded . Download stereo MP3 audio clip 8277kB (may not be available in data-saver/lite mode), download low-bandwidth mono MP3 audio clip 2379kB, hi-fi stereo lossless audio clip 41855kB.
[Six-and-a-half minutes of ambient beach sounds at dusk: surf, people playing, etc.]

Show Notes

We travelled to our holiday via local train, Eurostar, TGV (all electric), then taxi. We use the same taxi driver each time, booked by email!