Earth Notes: 16WW House Suburban Sparrows Ambient (2022-05)

Updated 2024-04-04.
House sparrows outside 16WW or close by. #sparrow #wildlife #fieldRecording

This episode has no words, it's all ambience again!

House sparrows (Passer domesticus) close to home in all their vibrant, tweeting, squabbling, gregarious glory, with some real-life urban background sounds such as cars on gravel, rain and plane, pigeons, people, parakeets, for scale, and because the suburbs never sleep.
644s "sparrows suburban 16WW 202205 ambient" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:
[Ambient house sparrow sounds from 16WW or very close by in late May.]

There are also motorbikes, an ice-cream van, jackdaws, a dog, ...

Show Notes

Recorded on the Zoom H1n, usually resting on my study windowsill, or hand-held.

Each clip was normalised separately.

Each clip is trimmed (and loudness re-normalised), and has a start/end fade -in/-out. The clips are raw and in order and date from 2022-05-19 to 2022-05-22.

Sparrows courtesy of Alison F

Sparrows (house sparrow, Passer domesticus) raucously tweeting their version of social media in the hedge at the front of the house December 2018:

57s "16WW front garden Pyracantha sparrows AF" Created/encoded . Uploaded . Downloads: