Earth Notes: Soundscape - Solstice Exercise Mile Walk

Updated 2024-04-10.
A one-mile twenty-minute walk around the local cemetery grounds! #soundscape #fieldRecording #lockdown2020

Bonus raw ambient podcast episode!

1203s "20201221T13:30Z 1 mile 20 minute exercise walk around the cemetery" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:
[20-minute walk around the next-door cemetery, with wildlife and industrial noises off.]
A brief circular lockdown exercise hike from/to home, around Bonner Hill Road cemetery with mixed ground conditions (some gravel crunching, some mud squelching), birds (jackdaws, crows, parakeets, gulls), small children, and various traffic and industrial noises off (such as from the nearby tip). And my phone brightly heralding a message about 15 minutes in!
December views tree bushes sky Bonner Hill Road Cemetery Kingston London England rotated 28 DHD

Show Notes

Recorded with my shiny new Zoom H1n "handy recorder" as a test. This is the third recording that I made with the H1n (the first two were very short).

The recording is lossless (WAV) 16-bit stereo, at 48ksps.

A Furry Indoor/Outdoor Windscreen Muff was fitted to the H1n, and the H1n was held pointing forwards in front of me, in my right hand.

The original WAV was converted to a FLAC in Audacity to save space, and stereo and lo-fi mono MP3s generated also.

No editing was done.